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FiberLast A.Ş.

High Technology Laser Systems

Fiber Laser Marking

The first and only domestically produced fiber laser marking machine produced by FiberLAST is a completely original product that can compete in the national and international market, developed without any back-engineering.

Laser Label Machine

FiberLAST FLAST-LabelMARK Fiber Laser Roll Label Marking System makes automatic marking on the roll of laser interactive or 2-layer acrylic labels.

Fiber Laser Cutting

FLAST-Constant series Fiber Laser Cutting Systems produced by FiberLAST have been developed for fast and precise cutting without waste, burrs. FLAST-Constant series fiber lasers, which have a very high focusability with their high beam quality and small beam diameter, are ideal for precision and micro cutting with these features.

Ultrafast Fiber Laser

FLAST-Precision Fiber Laser Systems manufactured by FiberLAST have been developed for high-precision micromachining with picosecond pulses.

Customer-Specific Systems

Having worldwide expertise in ultrafast and high-power fiber lasers, the FiberLAST team has the ability to reflect the latest academic developments on the product, to develop original and world-class innovative products, and to make customer-specific designs.

Accessory and Optional

Accessories and optional solutions within the scope of other products manufactured by FiberLAST.