Dual Channel Laser Diode Controller and Driver Board

FL-ADSDD series SOA and Laser Diode Driver Board, which FiberLAST has developed specifically for ASELSAN and produced locally, is used for the control of SOA and Laser Diodes combined in a single diode structure. It controls the ADSDD Diode Driver Board thanks to the analog digital connectors on it.


  • 24V- 36V Input supply range
  • 2 x I2C, 1 x RS485, 1 x RS232 interface
  • 8 Channel ADC and 8 Channel DAC
  • 1 Channel FastDAC
  • 2 Pieces 5 Bit, signal diode drive circuit
  • temperature humidity sensor
  • Maximum output current: 250 mA
  • Current setting range: 10 – 250 mA
  • Current setting step: 10mA
  • Pulse repeat frequency range: 10 kHz – 100 kHz
  • Pulse repetition frequency setting step: 1 kHz