Fiber Laser Marking System

FLAST-NanoMARK series Fiber Laser Material Processing and Marking System is a proprietary product of FiberLAST. The robust mechanical structure of the system and unique electronical control mechanism ensures long life span and minimizes maintenance requirements. The unique beam quality and high peak power of FLAST_NanoMARK guarantees high performance for your application. The beam quality of the system allows sensitive processing even at low average powers when needed. These features provide the user with a precise and wide range of processing capabilities. In addition, the laser system is pulse modulated and has a special driver that can change the pulse shape. With the advantages and unique technology, it offers, it is rewarded with the TÜBİTAK Technology Awards, the Innovative Creative Idea Award of TESİD, and the Technology Incentive Award of METU Prof. Dr. Mustafa N. Parlar Education and Research Foundation in the first place.


  • Proprietary and unique design
  • 7/24 operation
  • Maintenance free
  • Air cooling
  • Low energy consumption
  • High beam quality
  • Humidity & temperature monitoring
  • Power electronics control
  • Built-In-TEst and log record
  • Ready error and operation indicators
  • Automation system integration
  • Communication options with different databases
  • 10 years spare parts & service guarantee
  • ISO and CE certificated


  •  Material processing
  • Marking
  • Cutting
  • Engraving
  • Micromachining
  • Surface hardening
  • Surface cleaning
Application Videos
Polycarbonate marking
Canada Burst Mode Cutting Glass
Anodized Painted Aluminum Marking
Aluminum Label Marking

1 mm stainless steel cut | Constant Series 100W

NanoMARK 20W laser marking machine | stainless steel
Plastic marking with laser | NanoMARK 20W

Laser marking application with divisor | NanoMARK 20W
Laser paint removal application with NanoMARK series
Plastic marking with the NanoMARK series
Laser marking on stainless steel
Barcode marking with the NanoMARK series
Compact fiber laser marking system NanoMARK front view
Laser marking application on stainless steel with NanoMARK series
Aluminum foil cutting with NanoMARK series

PCB Engraving with NanoMARK 20W Laser
Plastic Box Marking