Pump Diode Driver Module

Pump Diode Driver Module


FiberLAST constant power/current high power MM pump diode driver module (FL-PLDD) is designed to safely and flexibly drive high power MM pump diodes, which are used in many places such as diode lasers, laser amplifiers, material processing and testing equipment. It can be configured as constant power or constant current with the mode selection switch on the driver module. With this feature, it is aimed for the user to quickly integrate the system. It is easy to use thanks to its design. The mounting holes of the drive module match the mounting holes of the optical design platforms. In this way, it can be used on the same platform with optical components. In the electronic design architecture, it is possible to drive diodes of different voltages, since the card supply and the diode supply are separate. The module can drive diode with modulated signal up to 30 kHz. When the driver is in constant power mode, it keeps the output power at the adjusted value according to the electronic signals coming from the photodiode connected via the photodiode connector. In constant current mode, the driver maintains the stability of optical power systems by instantly monitoring and controlling the current output at the set value.


Output current up to 16 Amps *

  • Supply voltage between 11 Volts and 36 Volts
  • Diode supply with forward voltage up to 100 Volts
  • Constant current and constant power modes
  • Adjustable current limit
  • “Enable” control from outside

* If desired, necessary modifications can be made for higher current values.

VIN11 V – 36 V supply pin
GND The ground of the supply voltage.
SHIELDCard protection ground
VREFLD supply voltage
PDAPD diode anode connection pin
PDCPD cathode connection pin
LDALD anode connection pin
LDCLD cathode connection pin
IMONPin that can be used to monitor the current to the LD
ISETThe pin where the required current is set to drive the LD
STATUSPin indicating that the LD is faulty and operational. It is LOW in case of error and HIGH in operation. If the card exceeds the current limit, it goes into an error state.
ENABLEPin used to activate LD. In the HIGH state, the LD is ready to output. In the LOW position the diode is turned off
IBMONThe pin used to monitor the bias voltage
PDMONThe pin used to monitor the output voltage of the PD amplifier
ILMONPin used to monitor current limit value
MODE SELECT ANAHTARISwitch used to determine whether the board will operate in constant power or constant current modes (CC: Constant Current, CP: Constant power)
BIAS It is used to set the starting current to be supplied to the diode.
PD GAINIt is used to adjust the gain of the current from the photodiode.
LIMITSetting the maximum current at which the board will operate using for.