Focus Lift

It is a motorized elevator system that enables focusing on the Z-axis during marking of materials of different sizes. The elevator system, which was originally designed and developed, has double speed for precise focusing and fast focusing.

For customer control, it can be provided with software control.

  • Line position adjustment mode for fine tuning

  • Electronic minimum-maximum position limitation with limit switches

  • Being able to stay in vertical position without the need for power thanks to its auto-lock feature.

  • Ease of adjusting the laser position with the laser focus adjustment mechanism

  • T-slot functional joint plate

Technical Specifications 
Weight8.5 kg
Vertical Load Carrying Capacity10 kg
Theoretical Positioning Resolution1 µm
Linear Positioning Speed12,5 mm/s
Movement Distance355 mm
Dimensions64 mm x 140 mm x 610 mm