Laser Protective Cabinet

Direct or diffuse reflections of Class IV laser beams can cause eye and skin damage. In order not to be exposed to laser beams or reflections, the use of laser protective glasses or a cabinet is necessary for occupational health and safety. Originally used by FiberLAST, Safety Class 1 laser protective cabinets are fully compatible with FLAST-NanoMARK series Fiber Laser Marking Devices and Dust Fume Extraction Units.


  • Rigid structure suitable for machining heavy parts

  • Full opening lid system

  • Ergonomic design

  • Cabin interior lighting

  • Inspection window with laser protective glass

  • Stand for laptop

  • Exhaust outlet

  • Different color options

  • Customization according to customer requests*

*Apart from the standard cabinet, different laser protective cabinets are also produced according to customer requests.