Fiber Laser Cutting Systems

1080 nm CW Fiber Lasers

FLAST-Constant series Fiber Laser Cutting Systems, originally developed by FiberLAST and produced locally; It has been developed for fast and precise cutting without waste, burrs. FLAST-Constant series fiber lasers, which have high beam quality and very high focusability with their small beam diameter, are ideal for precision and micro cutting with these features. The laser modules of the FLAST-Constant series fiber lasers were completely developed by FiberLAST, and with its modular structure and being Turkish made, it provides a very suitable infrastructure for solutions tailored to customer requests. Services such as providing immediate support to technical questions and problems, forward-looking updates, upgrading of existing systems for developing technology and power needs are possible with FiberLAST lasers.


– Original and domestic design fiber laser

Efficient and burr-free cutting

Ability to develop customer-specific solutions

High efficiency

High beam quality

24/7 operation

Fast and efficient technical support

No maintenance required

Over 100,000 hours working life

Power-up option


Stainless steel and aluminum

cutting and machining

Cutting and machining of copper material

Cutting and processing of composite materials

Leather cutting

Ceramic cutting and machining

Titanium cutting and machining

Processing and cutting automotive parts

2D and 3D sintering

Welding and engraving operations

Laser scraping

Optical Properties
Laser TypeYb (Ytterbium) Fiber Laser
Working modeCW
Center Wavelength1080 nm
Average Power50 W100 W200 W400 W500 W1 KW
Power Durability<%2
Laser OutputQBH / RQB / QCRQBH / RQB
Beam Quality M²<1,2
Output Fiber Length10 m
Guiding LightIntegrated