Fiber Laser Label Machine

FLAST-LabelMARK is an automatic label printing system capable of marking laser interactive or acryllic roll bars. FLAST-LabelMARK can be customized to connect to the customer’s manufacturing database where the label contents can be taken from. FLAST-LabelMARK customization can easily be extended to keep label records on the device to provide error and/or malfunction report messages to the automated manufacturing systems. Redundancy is another key attribute of the FLAST-LabelMARK. Customers can enjoy having two systems backing up each other. It allows uninterrupted continuation of the labelling process in this configuration (HOT SWAP implementation). FLAST-LabelMARK is capable of labeling on standard rolls of 30 cm in diameter and 12 cm in width. The flexible design allows the adaptation of different sizes. High power and/or different lens options are also available on request


  • 7/24 operation
  • Hot Swap operation solutions
  • Communication options with different databases
  • Options to store received and printed data
  • Flexible interface options according to customer request
  • Label marking with minimum waste and high visuality
  • Maintenance free
  • Air cooling
  • Low energy consumption
  • Laser high beam quality
  • Laser module humidity and temperature monitoring
  • Laser module power electronics control
  • Laser module logging
  • Laser module startup and internal test functions
  • Laser ready error and operation indicators
  • Quiet, compact and active carbon filter smoke extraction system
  • 10 years spare parts service warranty
  • Template design support
  • ISO and CE certificated


The laser engages in automated labeling on interactive or 2 layered acrylic labels. The system, which is available as standard with the use of roll labels of 30 cm in diameter and 12 cm in width, can also be adapted for use with roll labels of different sizes.