Ultrafast Fiber Lasers OEM

FLAST-Precision Fiber Laser Systems manufactured by FiberLAST have been developed for high-precision micromachining with picosecond pulses. The picosecond pulses of the FLAST-Precision fiber laser system are 1000 times shorter than the nano-second pulsed lasers used for marking purposes. Due to the short pulses, no heat transfer occurs outside the target area. Therefore, effects such as thermal damage, cracks, surface deterioration, detachable/melting material accumulation are not observed on the applied material surface. This makes the FLAST-Precision Fiber Laser System suitable for precision material processing and makes it preferred in medical applications. The minimal thermal effects make it possible to mark even on flammable and explosive materials. Another important advantage of the FLAST-Precision Fiber Laser System is that the instantaneous intensity of the laser is very high. In this way, it reduces the wavelength dependence of the laser on the material and ensures that even materials processed with carbon dioxide lasers such as glass can be processed.


No thermal damage

High peak power

– Long life

Air cooling

No maintenance required

Easy to use

OEM solutions

High beam quality

Customized solutions for customer requests

Low electricity consumption


– Material handling at micro level

– Processing of solar cells

– Ablation

– Precision surface shaping

– marking

– Marking of explosive substances

– Spectroscopic applications

– Medical applications

– Material identification

– Thin film processing