About Us

FiberLAST is the first industrial company in Turkey that designs, develops and manufactures fiber lasers.

FiberLAST Inc. is a laser company that was established in 2007 in the advanced technology center METU Technopolis. FiberLAST Inc develop and produce Turkish Made Lasers in the field of fiber laser which is a core and strategic technology.

As a result of R&D studies supported in the national and international arena, it has established infrastructures in this field by obtaining high technology knowledge. So It designs, develops and manufactures fiber laser and application-oriented systems in all regimes of fiber laser (CW and nanosecond, picosecond, femtosecond pulsed) and different wavelengths (1030, 1064, 1550, 532 and 266 nm).


FiberLAST A.Ş.

It provides import substitution of Laser Systems

Applications that FiberLAST primarily deals with and develops products/systems; surface treatment (marking, cutting, removing, additive production, microstructuring, hardening, paint-rust removing etc.) applications. In addition, LIDAR (distance measurement, speed measurement, appoximity sensor, 3D map/opography creation, remote sensing, etc.) applications, applications requiring high power and fiber optic sensor applications are coming.

The Developed Product and Technology was honored with the first place in the TUBITAK Technology Awards Competition in 2012, the first place in the Creative Idea award category at the TESID Innovation and Creativity Awards in 2012, and the Technology Incentive awards in 2013 by the Parlar Foundation.

FiberLAST is the first industrial company in Turkey that designs, develops and manufactures fiber lasers.


FiberLAST; çekirdek ve yüksek teknoloji fiber lazer alanında faaliyet göstermek üzere kuruldu.


Geliştirilen ürünler ve teknoloji, 2012 yılında TÜBİTAK Teknoloji Ödülleri Yarışmasında birincilik aldı.


TESİD Yenilikçilik ve Yaratıcılık Ödülleri yarışmasında Yaratıcı Fikir ödülü kategorisinde birincilik aldı.

Unique and Domestic Technology

FiberLAST Inc. It provides the production of completely Turkish Made Laser Systems with unique and Domestic Technology.


FiberLAST's goal is to design, develop and produce high-tech, high-quality and cost-effective, original products in fiber laser. To make Turkey a technology exporter in this regard, to create university-industry cooperation to the maximum and to develop new and original technologies worldwide company.


Developing new and unique technologies in Fiber Laser, being a world-class company in this field, guiding technology, adopting respect for the environment and people as indispensable principles, ensuring the unconditional trust of our customers and constantly developing together with our employees.